A Few Words About Us

Altered Edge is a small woman-owned business located in Leesburg, Virginia.

We value creativity, respect and honest communication and are dedicated to solving design challenges. Operating with the shared belief that designs should be interesting and unique, we strive to ensure our designs are simple enough for viewers to understand while drawing them in and leaving a lasting impact.

Our clients vary in size from small start-ups to large Fortune 500s and everything in between. We have experience working with local and federal government agencies, associations, nonprofits and small and midsize businesses.

Our team coordinates with printers to ensure final printed pieces meet expectations. Design projects include the production of: logo and identity packages, event and conference branding, brochures, presentations, infographics, datasheets, white papers, exhibit and trade show booths, programs, annual reports, eBooks, banners, web design, pocket folders and other promotional pieces.

Tammy Cornejo is the owner and Art Director of Altered Edge. She has over eighteen years of experience with branding and print design, as well as website design and development. She loves finding design solutions to work around any client limitations. Whether it be the budget, timeline or size of the finished product, Tammy enjoys finding a strong solution for each client.

Ready for a little color?